Choosing A Snow Blower Part 2

Choose the starting system. The starter system should be reliable in low, frigid temperatures. You can choose a push button start or a manual pull cord. Some machines even offer both for back up. The pull cord should be pulled straight up without needing to twist. Electric start buttons are not always standard but are great for ease of use.

Know the throwing distance. There are some snow blowers that have a very short discharge distance and some with a long range and an adjustable discharge system. The chutes should be adjustable so you can point the snow to wherever you want it to pile. If you just need to move the snow a little to the side, the single-stage snow blower is sufficient.

Bonus features. Consider a snow blower with a halogen headlight for the dark winter light. Some have folding handles are great if you have limited storage space. Adjustable height and ergonomic handles also make for comfortable use. Serrated blades or auger can also make cutting through the ice and snow faster and easier. Large, radial tires can also make the snow blower easy to maneuver.

Warranty. A snow blower that comes covered with an extended warranty is a big deal. Ask about which aspects are covered, such as parts, machinery, blades, and labor. Ask where you can get the machine repaired and where you can get replacement parts during and after the warranty coverage. The quality of the manufacturer’s after sales service or customer service is also an important thing to know. There are some snow blower reviews in the internet that discuss the manufacturer’s response to questions and issues.

Price. Determine how much money you want to spend on a snow blower. This will help you narrow your field of choice and determine the snow blower that fits your budget. Strike a nice balance between the snow blower’s features, durability, and powerful motor.

A carefully chosen snow blower will lighten your workload in the winter and even provide some fun for the children. You can blow the snow to a pile that they can use to slide down on. The flying snow is also a fun feature. Make shoveling snow a thing of the past with your own snow blower.

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