Choosing A Snow Blower Part 1

Winter time usually brings joyful activities, like snowball fights, skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Hot chocolate and eggnog also comes with the snow season. This season also brings about the time-consuming and tiring task of shoveling snow to clear sidewalks and driveways. What used to be great fun when you were a kid has now become a chore that you’d like to put off. The advent of snow blowers has made shoveling snow a thing of the past. You can cut the time and effort of clearing snow in half and make it fun again. The snow that’s blown from the machine to your snow pile can be pretty fun for children.

The many brands and kinds of snow blowers in the market can make choosing a snow blower difficult, so we came up with a few pointers that can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Know the area you will be clearing. It is important that you know the exact areas you will be using your snow blower on. Check for the terrain, any landscaping that you will want to avoid, and the shape and slope of the area.
Average amount of snowfall in your area. You need this data in order to knowledgeably choose the correct snow blower. Snow blowers usually have a rate of snow removal and a width and depth of the cutter. You need to know the average snowfall so you can purchase a snow blower that can finish the job quicker.

Select a size. The size of the snow clearing job will dictate the size of your snow blower. Single-stage machines are ideal for clearing driveways and sidewalks. They are usually easy-to-use and light weight, and usually clears a path nearly 2-feet wide and moves more than a half-foot of snow. Two-stage blowers are designed for more difficult tasks. They loosen the snow and use a pump to force the snow to go greater distances. They can remove over one foot of snow and works best on graveled and sloped areas. These machines are usually heavy and difficult to maneuver.

Consider the engine’s power. The engine power you need will depend on the amount of snow you will be clearing. A two-stage machine with up to a 9-horsepower engine is usually recommended for blowing from a foot to a foot-and-a-half of snow. Snow blowers that have 5 1/2- to 8-horsepower engine range should be used for moderate snowfall, while single-stage machines are sufficient for light snowfalls.

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